Exploring Trust


We are born wide open and free.

Soon enough we learn there are dangers; things that cause pain and injury to our physical and emotional well-being, and we learn to avoid those people, situations and objects.

Our brains are structured to categorize and generalize in order to quickly and easily grasp a situation and know how to react.

Eventually, habits of avoidance, contraction, and fear become a lens that filters our worldview in ways that we are no longer conscious of.

And then we come to recognize these habits no longer serve us.

We want a bigger life; a more creative and joyful expression of all out potential.

So we decide to make changes, to explore new ways of interacting with the world, beyond the safety of the habit filter.

Our brains send an alert of discomfort and danger. FEAR.

We don’t know how to act in this new way and we don’t know what will happen when we do.

Stress hormones trigger our bodies to fight, run away, or freeze.

Our breathing becomes shallow and fast.

Our cognitive functioning is relegate to the more primitive part of the brain that keeps us vigilant to danger.


Our ancestral brains believe the world is fundamentally dangerous; that we must be on the alert for a hungry predator, an invading tribe, or our own tribe member who will challenge our place in the hierarchy.

Right now in this day and age, we have enough food, warmth, shelter and resources to be physically safe, but our brains are still alert to the dangers that threaten our well-being.

Fear messages are broadcast far and wide in all our media.

Strangers are everywhere and we have mostly lost the sense of connection to a stable tribe.

Anxiety is rampant across our culture.

The pressure of feeling rushed, insufficient, unprepared, confused and alone is collapsing our vitality and we have had no training in developing the resources that will empower and inspire us to be creators of our own stories.

What are our super powers?

Attention, Intention, Inner listening for guidance, and connecting to a Greater Presence for guidance and support.

In this session we will explore discharging the body of the arousal of fear, using our attention to change our state, and aligning with a bigger context to shift the lens with which we filter the world.

Exploring Trust - Linda Malcomb
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