“Old English weorthscipe ‘worthiness, acknowledgment of worth”

The word “honor” has been showing up for me lately.

To honor every moment as a precious gift makes me slow down and recognize my rushing as dishonoring what is being offered right here in this.

And then today, “worship” came tapping on my shoulder.

It made me wonder if part of our cultural angst and fear is because we no longer spend time worshipping the Mystery of Creation.

Our overstimulated, indoor life has disconnected us from the tribal realities of building shelter and fires to stay safe, killing and harvesting to eat; the natural interconnectedness of all the beings we share this rock with.

How could you NOT worship fire, water, earth, the animal spirits, if your very life depended on it.

What if it does?

What if our safety and sanity come from worshipping — supplicating ourselves in the Presence of truly awe-inspiring Mystery.

It means dropping out of the thought storm in the head and feeling the natural presence of this embodied moment — we are air, earth, water and fire, and we are animated by some unfathomable Life the brain is too limited to comprehend.

Worthy of worship.

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