Up and down;

High and low.

Easy; hard.

Beautiful and ugly.

Inhale; exhale.

Forget; remember.

Love; hate.

This human game is the ultimate roller coaster of thoughts and emotions that arise from our beliefs about who we are and how the world is.

We mostly don’t examine those beliefs; we mostly aren’t even aware they are driving the bus.

But our super power is the ability to Pause and listen to the sentences in our head.

Pull them out of that ever-flowing river in the mind and ask:

How does this thought make me feel?

Who would I be without it?

There might then be a moment, a day, maybe even several days of clarity, peace; perhaps even joy.

And then the habituated story takes over again.

And we think something has gone wrong.


The get-out-of jail-free card is seeing the game, laughing at the crazy banquet of life, and taking that power pause to remember.

Not just with the mind. With the whole Being. How would my body feel without the thought that is causing my suffering.

Arguing with life, with what is showing up right now is suffering.

Willingness to feel ALL of it without making it mean anything about us or about life — without giving it a story — is freedom.

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