More and more I’m learning that all the reasons I’ve given up on my dreams before are just part of the evolutionary journey.

I would have a belief about not being good enough and that would kill my motivation and inspiration.

I wasn’t willing to feel “not good enough” so I quit.

I thought it actually meant I wasn’t worthy instead of recognizing the opportunity to sit with the feelings and being willing to experience failure, frustration, doubt.

It was like the troll under the bridge asking for the secret word to grant passage.

The word is Yes.

I’ll open to this and let the energy of the emotions fuel my intention.

“Don’t know how” > stop, sit, feel, breathe; give that thought a big spacious arena and watch the energy of it churn and roil and dance…

…it turns into willingness to feel not knowing and keep feeling deeper into it…

Oh, there’s a small voice off in the distance calling This Way.

Feel your feet on the earth.

Feel earth receiving you.

Feel air breathing you.

Say yes to not knowing and do that one little thing right there in front of you.

And the next.

I’m willing to feel not knowing how until knowing clicks in.

It will take practicing trust.

The metaMe who has already cracked the code of trust is calling me through.

That future self is totally confident, calm and relaxed in complete trust that she is willing to feel all the feelings in the briar patch because she is unwilling to quit.

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