When the Heart Calls

Are you listening?

We delight at watching innocent children at play, so easy and open, just following the flow of delight without the contraction of expectations and judgements.

Can you feel that inner innocence underneath all the layers of conditioning,

responsibilities, and stories?

It’s there, in a longer pause.

A deeper listening.

Are you willing to get still, get quiet, like sitting in a field as a wild deer approaches.

So majestic, so beautiful!

So powerful in its untamed, spectacular Essence.

It’s your own true creator-heart.


As maker of your own story.

Singer of your heart-song.

See yourself stripped clean of the heavy weights you’ve been carrying so responsibly.

FEEL yourself open and free.

Offering your song to the lonely world of seekers.

Painting your glory to show the colors of a true heart.

Dancing your truth to the rhythms of a true Creator.

Oh but I don’t have the time right now.

I have to this.

I need to that.

Time is the offering on your altar.

Time is what is being asked by your heart.

Feel it?

Can you put down your rushing need?

Are you willing to give your heart enough of your minutes to let it feel the release into its home?

If this were your last hour, would you do it then?

THIS is why we come to this life as creators.

To shine and call to each other to Remember.

The innocent open heart of our True Selves.

The freshest, sweetest nectar of Being.

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