What would you do?

What would you do if success were guaranteed?

Would you change anything in your life?

Would you unpack that dream you had tucked away years ago, believing it was impossible?

Remember what it felt like when you had a dream, an inspiration, a calling?

How your body opened and expanded …

How your heart softened and breathed into mystery and magic?

What stories are keeping your dream locked away?

Too old?

Not enough time, energy, ambition?

What if I fail?

What if I succeed?

Are you honoring the gift of your precious life by living it 100%?

Here I am 66 years old deciding to rise up out of the crust of limiting beliefs.

Cracking it open to find the soft, vulnerable dream.

And willing to fail forward — to rise and dream, and get rejected and learn. And rise again.

Dust off your dream and come with me.

Together we can be the demonstration of Divine Inspiration and Creation.

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