What's the Point?

I recently read a blog that suggested that there actually isn’t any point to this life. It just is.

No meaning, no lessons, no greater, higher goal.

Just lifing.

Like all the other animals; the plants, the earth.

Just here, being here.

From the gods-eye view, an unfathomably tiny pulse from an unfathomably tiny rock in an unfathomably infinite array of universes.

And then from inside this tininess it feels all-important to be felt, seen, heard — to matter.

I often read that one of the main attributes of happiness is to have meaning, worth, value.

When I feel the space left behind without goals and meaning, something lets go into a deep release.

I relax into just being a part of Nature like everything here.

And then there is the welling up of my great desire to make art, to coach, to make money through art and coaching. To connect to an evolving tribe of people who create and explore what’s possible in this human life.

In Sanskrit it’s Lila — the great play of all that is; the paradox of meaning and meaning nothing — just showing up 100% to play the game.

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