What if?

What if THIS is exactly how it should be?

Take a couple of deep slow breaths and settle into your body.

Let go of all arguing, resistance, wanting something different, and land right here right now.


Naked and vulnerable.

Open and allowing.

And then let go a bit more.

Follow your breath down into your belly.

And through your legs into that spot of Earth right here under you.

Listen to the ancient patience of the rocks.

Breathe Air right into your feet.

That same air that has been circling the earth since the beginning of time.

The exhales of the dinosaurs, the trees, all manner of beings known and unknown.

Offer your next exhale into the web of life.

THIS is love.

The sharing of this moment with all beings past, present, and future.

Openness to connection.

To Truth.

Love is always right HERE.

Under all the obstacles to its recognition.

And in the offering of it, it is remembered in the body and breath.

Love doesn’t judge or condemn.

It’s so simple and quiet.

The portal to it is simply attention.


What if you simply shift attention to the quiet behind the thoughts.

What if you give attention to your ability to offer love to this living moment.

What if that’s the whole reason we’re here?

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