What Does It Mean?

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Something happens.

Or doesn’t happen.

Someone says something.

Or doesn’t.

And we react without taking a look at what we are making it mean — about us.

That little automatic belief that is the keystone to the whole structure of our feelings and actions.

Countless times in the past I have made words or circumstances mean that I’m not good enough;

That I should retreat, hide, crawl back into the safety of my little cave.

The Big Life is for all of us!

Dreams and desires born from an open receptive heart are Divine whispers (or sometimes shouts) to rise up and use each and every disappointment and criticism as evidence of our commitment to Source.

As if the universe is saying show me how much you want to be a bigger love;

A bigger creative expression;

A bigger joy.

And right there in that moment is the decision to just BE THAT.

In the breath, in the soft glow of a receptive willingness.

In the space of openness that Source fills with grace and gratitude.

So instead of making success look like selling a lot of paintings, I’m choosing to make it be that I’m doubling down on my commitment to the dream that calls my heart to make art and blogs and offerings. And I’m trusting Source to take those creations to whomever will benefit from them.

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