We Can Do This

We Can Do This!

The human organism thrives under certain conditions:

•. Feeling safe

•. Feeling connected

•. Feeling empowered

•. Feeling hopeful

Each of which has a physiological signature comprising neurochemistry, posture, breath, and muscle tone.

The human brain is hardwired to be alert to danger, so this current situation has our attention so our physiology is being strained in ways that we might not even be considering:

•. Feeling unsafe generates stress hormones which pull energy from the higher executive functioning of the brain to the fight/flight/freeze systems, rendering us less creative and more reactive

•. The human system needs social connection to feel safe and calm, so all these mandates to avoid social contact further stress the system

•. We cannot control this situation, and the human brain wants to feel like it can control, so we feel adrift, and may notice that control issues are popping up in other arenas

•. Our current cultural situation of divisiveness and exclusion is devoid of any hope of compassionate loving leadership to bring us together through this


Our superpower is our attention and we have absolute power over it.

Leaving the thought machine aside and dropping into the body, gives us agency to tune our awareness to the exquisite intelligence native to our embodied presence:

•. Feeling Earth underneath us though our bones, lets us know we are safely grounded on this precious living rock who has witnessed unfathomable eons of every manner of challenge. Feeling through our feet to Earth is a reliable way to signal safety to the nervous system.

•. Feeling our soft bodies breathing moves attention inward and when we calmly extend the next exhale and sweetly open to the inhale, we oxygenate the system and disperse the stress hormones. Breath awareness is a complete system shift in neurochemistry and then the brain becomes interested and engaged, and the thought stream can clear to more resourceful thinking

•. We are connected! Our mirror neurons automatically feel each other — our fears and our faith. Right now there are countless healers, shamans, elevated beings of every culture who are in their prayers and practices of devotion and offering…can you feel them? Reach in under the thoughtstorm and there they are.

•. We have the power to move our attention….Feel out there into the natural world and beyond. There is infinite space, right? No matter what the dramas on this little rock, that infinite space is untouched, unaffected. In the same way, our awareness is inherently infinitely spacious, so fear can do its shouting and screaming, but in all that space, it has no impact.

•. Moving the body into different shapes and rhythms changes the neurochemical soup and signals agency to our brain. Animals in the wild naturally shake off threats and reset the neurochemistry so they can continue on without lingering stress in the system

Knowing we have these tools gives us hope, and as we rise to our power, we become beacons of peace and healing, and the mirror neurons that naturally connect us, ripple out across our connections to elevate others

We totally can take this challenge and uplevel ourselves though this. It will take constant practice of reclaiming the power of our attention and putting our energy where it best serves us.





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