We want something.

We want it NOW.

We think we will be happier when we have that thing, circumstance, person.

So we’re in a rush to make it happen.

What if we actually won’t be any happier?

What if happy is not dictated by anything other than the lens that is filtering, sorting, rejecting, seeking.

What if everything we REALLY want to feel— love, connection, value, worthiness — is right here, right now.

Hidden under all the fantasies and stories of why we’re unhappy and the if only’s that we believe will deliver fulfillment.

Right here, right now in this breath, this air, this simple pause to arrive.

Right here in the Love that creates us over and over and infinitely over.

We can feel the contraction of urgency as a bell of mindfulness.

Reminding us that we are not feeling what the souls wants.

And we have the choice every instant to turn our attention inward.

Truth is spacious and resourceful.

Patience slows us into the present moment.

And gratitude for the opportunity to remember aligns us to feel everything we want to feel right here in our heart.

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