10 days traveling gorgeous Ireland lifted be out of the habituated narrative of my daily routine, into a spacious openness in constant awe of the stunning clouds and land and magical Presence of spectacular beauty.

It’s a painter’s dream. Being able to see for miles and miles across the sun-dappled land, and the enormous roiling skies is so expansive for the soul and mind.

Being a traveler able to experience the feeling of place — the people, the landscape, the rhythms of different lifestyles — without any investment or attachments is so expansive. I love feeling open and curious, on an adventure without any expectations or obligations.

And now sitting here in a much smaller landscape with all the trappings of my ordinary life, I can feel the contraction of landing back in responsibilities, routines, and those sticky obligations.

But even here with 50+ unread emails, an overgrown yard, and the do-list of my day, I can remember the feeling of an infinite living sky all around me, the earth with her deep quiet power, and the open mind of wonder tuned in to the power of beauty and mystery.

Again I’m reminded that we have the power to choose our state. I choose to be a traveler in my own life.

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