Time (is on my side)

Spiritual teachings have taught that time is a concept of the human mind, not an actual objective truth. Physics is beginning to discover the same.

Time is a perception; it can seem to drag out slow or whiz by unbelievably fast.

Most everyone these days in this culture feels oppressed by time.

We feel like we don’t have enough; there’s too much to do, and we become anxious and ungrounded, leaning forward to what’s next without landing in Now.

We have relinquished agency over our time by not pausing to reset.

Most people will say they don’t have time to meditate, to pause, to claim a moment for recalibration.

But in truth, it actually gives us more time.

The little pause to feel breath, body, earth, Nature, Life, Source, gives us the perspective that it’s our thoughts about time that are driving our state.

Pausing to recognize the arousal of overwhelm gives us the space to notice what we’ve been telling ourselves.

Then we can change the words in the thought stream and find that we have more space, more time, and can land right here in the Now of this moment.

Notice your thoughts.

This is the stunning super power that changes the whole game.

Notice your thoughts. And then notice you can change them.

Today I open to slowing down, feeling the living earth on which I stand, and appreciating the beauty of Source expressing each moment.

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