I’m not by nature a happy person.

The reptilian brain that filters for danger is locked on red alert.

There’s a constant sense of immanent disaster and FOMO.

I have to work minute by minute to manage the filter.

It gets exhausting.

I give up and head for the fridge, the tv, the internet.

I look for positive thoughts to throw at the negative ones.

Then I remember it’s all just thoughts that make me feel this way.

I can actually move my attention out of the thought-storm and feel this living Being that pulses with breath, sensation, connection to the ocean of creation.

On the surface it’s all churn and drama.

Below, in the quiet depth I can just let go.

And surrender to the current of the ever-flowing Life that carries me quietly to the recognition I’m not the thoughts.

There’s something wordless, unnamable, spacious.

That shimmers with all the colors of mystery.

Always RIGHT HERE, unaffected by doings.

Being lived.

Being present.

Inviting me to dance in all the energies of This.

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