Thoughts about Thought

I’ve been feeling discouraged from looking “out there” for results.


It’s a habit that is so automatic and culturally conditioned, I find myself well down the rabbit hole before I’m even aware I’ve slid down a steaming pile of unhappy thoughts into a stinking pit of deflated expectations.

So I try to lather up a bunch of happy thoughts to climb out of the sewer, but it feels like I’m struggling.

Because I’m in my head.

I constantly get coached that thoughts create our feelings and I agree, and can usually coach myself to a higher state through a series of elevated thoughts, but there’s something that is deeper than that.

Pure Awareness — the thoughtless Presence that is our True Being.

Where do thoughts come from and what is listening to the thoughts?

Becoming aware that this bag of skin doesn’t actually contain “me” — that awareness itself is so spacious and quiet and refreshing — feels so essentially right and relaxing, that I can release all my strategies and tactics and rest in a soft Divine Love.

I put my hand on my heart and feel THIS precious moment from inside — the Divine portal to Source and Creation — and from here a thought arises to ask for Faith.

I notice that all the thinking I was doing to try to create a result in the world was causing effort that felt stressful.

I am being told that creation is relaxed — yes there is great arousal and stimulation, but it is strength, courage, inspiration, which is not stressed in fight or flight, but channeling a Divine offering that feels like love and blessings and a flow of grace and beauty.

So when I notice I am overthinking and stressing about results, I will put my hand on my heart, drop down from my head, and direct my attention to the open spaciousness of Awareness in a calm, open body.

Then my actions in the world will be informed and inspired from Divine guidance and relaxed Trust.

And my thoughts will come from the Love that Creates beauty, peace, and Knowing.

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