The Worst That Can Happen

Is a feeling?

Take a pause and investigate.

Even the most heinous and tragic experience has been lived through by others who stayed open and willing to feel the grief, the rage, the uncertainty of life.

And be forgiving and open.

We navigate our lives to avoid what we don’t want to feel and get more of what we do.

What would change in your life if you were willing to feel EVERYTHING?

What are you not willing to feel?

How much energy do you expend in avoiding that feeling?

And then reaching for an indulgence (food, alcohol, social media, tv) to make you feel soothed, entertained, numbed?

My coach Brooke Castillo says that total confidence comes from being willing to feel all the feelings.





I realized I’d been avoiding looking at other artists’ work for fear of feeling inadequate and thinking I’ll never be good enough.

This morning I found an extraordinary artist, Christine Debrosky, and had that initial reaction but instead of sinking into unworthiness, I redoubled my conviction to learn and grow and believe that my own gifts are valuable and worthy of offering to the world.

When we make space for all the feelings, they pass through us.

And we are undamaged.

Even stronger and more resilient.

What’s possible today when you make space for feeling what you’ve been avoiding?

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