The Virus

The Virus

Is fear thinking.

We feed and spread it through our conversations and interactions.

Yes, we are facing something unknown, stunning in its global impact, and perhaps shifting our way of life in ways we can’t even conceive…and not under our control.

So we speculate and commiserate and lather up the drama and catastrophizing.

The antidote?

Claiming our sovereignty over our attention.

Any instant we can shift our attention to open awareness — the quiet, calm space in which all the dramas arise and dispel.

Let our imagination expand and feel Life, Infinite Presence, and unbounded.

The simple practice of taking a pause to feel that Something that is living through us, as us, uncontracted by words or thoughts.

Simple, clean, visceral.

Let our bodies feel the sweet nectar of relaxed, easy breathing.

Lay down our arguments and resistance and planning.

In that instant of willingness and surrender to THIS, we are inoculated from the suffering of fear thoughts, and we are brought Home to Truth.

The hurricane of fear is giving us this opportunity to chose again and again that our awareness is infinitely bigger than that.

We can let fear do its thing as we rest in a bigger space.

We can rise up to what is being asked of us and chose our sovereignty, our dignity, and our willingness.





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