The Money Thing

Yesterday as I was driving through a wealthy community and seeing the huge mansions with the well-kept gardens, I noticed that I usually have a contraction around wealth and power that was so engrained that I wasn’t consciously aware of it.


A sense of “them” above me — more powerful, more worthy, entitled; expecting to be served and acting as if “they” are better than “the rest of us.”

I saw that I carry that around like a heavy weight, without even investigating it.

I teach yoga in a wealthy community. In their yoga clothes, everyone looks equal. Then I find out someone I’d been treating as my peer is actually a huge important something and I’m knocked down to subservience…wait…WHAT?

So driving along and noticing that contraction I started to say to myself “I can afford that” as a feeling.

So amazing!

I can afford that trip, that workshop, that training, that book, that anything.

I saw how pervasive the money ceiling is in me. Every purchase has been a reinforcement of the belief in financial limitation.

And I can totally work with that belief.

I can make every purchase a demonstration of abundance by changing the sentence in my head from “can I afford this” to “I love giving my money to you.”

I love having food to eat so I love giving my money to the whole chain of producers and distributors that have brought the food to the store.

I love having gas to drive my car, so I can love adding my money to the flow of abundance that brings gas to our cars.

I love being able to participate in this game we have all agreed to play so I can open my heart with my wallet and reframe each payment as a commitment to my own alignment — I want to be wealthy of heart, generous, and abundant — and each exchange of scratch is an opportunity to choose that version of self instead of the one who is in lack and limitation.

Once we recognize core beliefs that are limiting our fullest expression of life, we have the amazing superpower to reframe them in a way that elevates our presence.

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