The Big Picture

Where has your attention mostly been for the last hour, day, week, …life?

Probably mostly in the 85% habituated stories that the brain loops day after day.

Notice how you feel when you open the aperture and spread your attention to the Life being lived in just a single mile radius around you.

Did you feel a shift?

And did you notice you can actually pick up ephemeral sensations of connecting to something?

And then notice you can expand even further…

And that actually there aren’t any boundaries to how far awareness can open through space and time.

And from the perspective of geological time, the little dramas of one life take on a different flavor.

At this time of year when our ancestors celebrated the sacred Mysteries of unnamable wonderments, we can remember what it is to truly honor Creation.

We can be generous with smiles, and thank-you’s, and precious minutes of true seeing and listening.

Not just to others, but to Nature, to Earth, to the Mystery, and to ourselves.

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