When I asked what is needed today, the response was SURRENDER.

Let go of the striving and ambition.

Soften into the fertile Earth; linger there until the breath shifts to a release.

Feel into your belly and breathe listening.

Breathe willingness to get slow and quiet.

Breathe into your solar plexus and soften the layers of willfulness to release into the expansion of the true power of Trust.

Breathe into your heart and shine an offering to all directions:

May this heart be an open vessel today.

May all beings remember the Source of creation, open their hearts and receive Peace.

Feel into the intuitive 6th chakra and breathe Willingness to see

The longing for Peace and Connection in every heart.

The beauty that is Divine Presence in all things.

The wonder being in the presence of the great unknown.

May I surrender today in a soft recognition of the Divine.

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