A statistic that is out there in the world is that 95% of what we think is repetitive…over and over day after day, and 80% of our thoughts are “negative.”

Pretty stunning stat, right?

The brain is hard wired to watch for danger; it’s what kept our ancestors alive.

It also seeks patterns so it can streamline reactions for quicker responses and energy conservation.

It’s physiological.

If you consume a lot of media, you get the message of danger everywhere.

Recent studies have shown that animals, after an attack or threat, discharge the stress hormones that gave them energy to run or fight but shaking, or some physical expression of release. And then they return to peacefully grazing as if nothing happened.

We don’t do that.

So our bodies become habituated to a stress hormone level — anxiety — that makes us suffer.

Body and mind have become entrained to “something’s wrong.”

Breath is shallow, eyes are tense, muscles on alert to fight or run.

What to do?

Dive into the body.

Breathe oxygen deep into the system to signal safety to the nervous system.

Get up and bounce — do some movements that are not part of the constellation of default posture.

Feel the natural world; the exquisite mystery of Life all around…just looking at the sky can open perspective to the larger context.

And don’t believe the thoughts!

The brain is doing its thing.

But that’s not who we ARE.

We are the infinite open awareness that has room for all thoughts and emotions without being contracted to react.

Life is a symphony of dissonance and harmony, pleasant and unpleasant situations.

We have space enough all of it.

Feel for yourself….under that raging river of thought — calm, quiet, Presence.

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