Starting a new day

It’s a powerful practice to start the day with a deep, unhurried pause to ask what will inspire and inform my best Presence today (or some similar words of invocation).

And then intentionally slow the breath down and invite the body to become an antenna of alignment with the Presence that is inviting us to elevate our state.

It’s said that we only live 10% of our brain’s capacity, 10% of our breathing capacity, 10% of our potential. And we repeat 80% or more of the same thoughts, day after day.

Going to the quiet refuge under the habit layer of thoughts opens our connection to the cleanest, most authentic guidance from our true power.

In that inner sanctuary, ask what intention will inspire me throughout the day.

And then listen without urgency.

Listen to the bones in your feet as they root into the Knowing in the Earth.

Listen to the pit of the belly that feels the energy field around you.

Listen to the back of your heart softly connected to loving kindness.

Wait for a whisper to arise from the depth of your innermost Being.

Then agree to playfully take your word, your phrase, your intention, out to play in the world throughout the day and be open to what comes to dance with you through this shifted lens.

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