Spring Cleaning

It feels so good to clean out all the old, unwanted tchotchkes that have accumulated over the years.

To clean out the cabinets of expired cans of food and half-boxes of crackers.

To clean the fridge of all the leftovers that kept being pushed to the back of the shelf.

And especially to clean the mind of all those old habits of thinking that limit our expression, our joy, and our confidence.

Imagine your mind clear and clean, your breath spacious and refreshing, your posture tall and relaxed.

Imagine believing/remembering you were created as a blessing, a gift to this world.

Your being here in all these other peoples’ lives enriches them in ways you may never know about.

What would it feel like if you easily recognized unskillful thoughts and let them pass through without engagement.

What if you never doubted your worth?

If you totally and completely recognized your inherent radiance and shone clear and bright, as a beacon for others to recognize and remember their inner radiance.

If we were created by Divine Love, then isn’t Divine Love still creating us?

When we get out of the way, clear the space and allow Love to channel through our willing, open hearts — we serve the Awakening for all beings.

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