Spirit Time

How can we slow our minds and emotions to be more fully present?

This culture praises being over busy, too much to do, always on the go.

Our brains are habituated to overstimulation, our neurochemistry is primed for fight, flight, or freeze, and our bodies are chronically tense — so tense that the mind stops noticing and takes all this overworking as our set point.

It’s hard to talk the mind into calming down.

It’s easier to start in the body with the breath. The breath is our link to unconscious processes. We breathe without thinking about it all day and night.

But when we do become aware of it and intervene into the habituated cycles, we gain access to the whole system of body-mind.

Then we can add words and intentions.

What worked for me during this drawing was cueing my mind and body to Spirit Time.

I’m giving this time to Spirit and honoring this process with more presence and attention.

Spirit has given this time to me and asks me to honor it with attention and gratitude.

If there is an AllPowerfulPresence, then that is what is in charge.

Of time and everything else.

So when I feel that Source is giving me this task, this opportunity, this invitation to rise up and engage with whatever is before me to do, I can slow down and let the time unfold because Source is unfolding time through me.

And when I have time to take a pause and offer my full attention to Source, I can feel the slowing, expanding time and I can rest in a deep trust that I’m not the one who is in charge.

I give this day to Divine Presence in the dept of my Being and ask that I be reminded throughout the day to come back and rest.

In the slow, calm breath of Trust and Devotion.

I have no idea what this image is other than a recording of a process of intending to draw in Spirit Time.

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