Suffering comes from thinking things should be other than this.

So we need to change our thoughts.

And it’s hard sometimes — feels impossible sometimes.

And pisses us off lots of times.

Evidence “out there” validates the belief that something is wrong, needs to change, is causing our suffering.

And oh ya, that’s a thought too.

And OMG how do I get out of this.

All our attention is on the maelstrom of thoughts that have no resolution.

But we do have a way out.

The very thing that is causing our suffering, is our solace and deliverance.

Our attention.

We have agency to shift the lens, open the aperture, and refocus to a new view.

Behind the roiling thoughts is a quiet place, ever present, unaffected by circumstances, thoughts or feelings.

Simply quiet, witnessing the storm, but not invested.

Infinitely patient.

Unconditionally accepting.

Follow a slower deeper cycle of breath to a willingness to lay down the battle, the words, the evidence.

And soften into the loving sanctuary of nonresistance.

And rest.

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