Sleepless in Predni-zone

Apparently insommia is a side effect of taking prednisone.

Laying down and strange horror scifi movie images in black and white streaming through my mind.

But strangely no fear.

On and on. Warriors and underground caverns and monster claws.

I kept a mantra “Trust, Surrender” connected to my breathing and asked where the angels were.

I tried Jesus, Mary, and then Kwan Yin — thought of as the female buddha — and the images lightened and morphed into radiant colors and gentle shapes.

Then I was given this image and invited to draw it.

I though ok, when I get up in the morning.

And decided to get up and do a preliminary sketch.

Thought I would get the gift of sleep after that.


But I kept telling myself all through the night. Nothing is wrong.

This is Life happening through and to me exactly as it wishes to.

So although I had no sleep.

I had no resistance.

And feel a deepening in my practice of accepting, and willing to love all that is.

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