If we follow all our desires to the very root, we find what we truly want is to feel good — safe, calm, open, connected, valued.

Inquire for yourself: what do you want?

How do you think it will make you feel?

And then follow the layers until there’s no other answer:

For me, want to sell my art.

So I can know people like it and I can have enough money to make more art, and travel, and take workshops and do the things I want to do.

So I can feel accomplished, validated, and abundant.

To get from point A — my desire, to point C — it’s manifestation in the world, is the work needed to make it happen, and the time it takes to bear fruit.

BUT the ultimate, TRUE desire is to FEEL accomplished, valued, and abundant, and I can decide to feel that NOW.

And from that feeling-state my actions will be powerful and inspired, and I will enjoy the journey.

So the practice is super simple:

Notice the contraction of resisting, pushing, rushing.

Soften the body, expand the breath.

Feel the Infinite Life that is always and forever allowing and loving, that is our true Being.

Know that nothing has gone wrong; this is how it’s supposed to be — because this is how it is.

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