Showing Up

As much as we would like to feel inspired and empowered all the time, that isn’t the truth of human experience.

The mundane responsibilities and tasks of every day are habituated into a part of the brain that switches us to autopilot and we go spinning off into mindscapes that pull us out of the present.

But showing up for inspiration — being present while brushing teeth, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher — as if this were sacred practice, honors the miracle and beauty of Life as it is being offered.

We are full of wantings and rejectings, filtering our experiences to seek pleasure and then more and more; and avoid discomfort.

Landing right here right now inside this moment opens the door of the heart to recognize that all the happiness, fulfilment, and love we are seeking is in this embodied moment.

Even in the searing heat of roiling thoughts and emotions, we can recognize we’re in our heads, totally drowning in unexamined thoughts.

Feeling from inside the heart, the belly the feet, how the body is experiencing THIS and how THIS is the whole natural world and all beings, the universes of life in constant ever-expanding expression.

Showing up for the simple miracle of this, is a miracle.

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