Settle in and get uncomfortable

My emotional eating has been pretty quiet for a while. And then the last couple of days the insatiable hungry ghost was pounding down anything I could reach. Followed by massive discomfort, regret, and disappointment.

Super uncomfortable, and yet very familiar and well-worn.

I know through my coach training that there’s that discomfort and then the discomfort of doing the hard and scary actions in service to a bigger goal.

So I suspected I needed to pause before getting up and going to the kitchen and feel deeper into the urgency of the need to chew and swallow and fill the abyss.

I couldn’t tease out any thoughts that made a shift.

And then it came to just practice discomfort.

That simple.

No need to understand from intellect.

Just be with the sensations.

Feel the raw power of the inner storm.

And tell myself I’m practicing being uncomfortable.

There was the shift.

I’m willing to churn in the maelstrom and hold my ground.

Be scoured raw and real and just breathe into the power of sensation.

So I train myself that I can get uncomfortable and be stronger.

I can then offer my coaching and painting and know I’m willing to feel rejection and failure, and be tempered and honed into a greater expression of the creative, empowered willingness to show up 100% alive and present.

So today when those yummy dill ranch pretzels sing their siren song at 3:00, I’m going to sit and quake and feel and practice being fully uncomfortable.

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