“What you seek is seeking you.” — Rumi

Isn’t that just the sweetest invitation to pause and turn in and feel your deepest desires as the whispers of a Divine Inspiration calling you to emerge from the chrysalis, open your wings and SOAR?

All this hard work and struggle to beat down the hungry ghost in the brain and clean up all the messy life circumstances that boil and churn, can be put aside to breathe the fresh, clean air of release.

That I am being sought by some extraordinary miracle of elevated perspective lets me slow down, feel inside past human language — deep into the language of the heart — and feel safe, supported, encouraged to make room for the Mystery that will lead me to wonder and gratitude.

Knowing that I am being called Home to my truest Being lets me open to all the uncomfortable challenges that grow my capacity to love and be present.

I’m willing to try and fail, to show up and be rejected, to experiment with humor and vulnerability; to feel it all and know I’m living 100% the life I was given.

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