Seeds, Weeds, Fruit, Compost

Gardening is such a wonderful metaphor for the cultivation of a goal.

When treat each effort as a seed I’m planting with loving intention, it shifts my energy from a tentative offering to a sacred practice in service to a greater unfolding.

Gratitude and devotion are the sunlight that call the seedling up through the dark rich soil.

Humility and patience when I’m discouraged are the soothing rain that feeds the roots.

Unskillful habits and beliefs are the weeds that steal nutrients from my seedling, and I can shift the energies of my attention to the intention I planted and feed it with the power of belief until the weeds wither and fail.

Blossoms attract the pollinators — a supportive and engaged community to generously share inspiration and connection — without whom, no fruit would develop.

And then the fruit ripens — or not — according to factors beyond my control.

The Divine in perfect expression.

And of course the whole reason for the fruit is to house and nourish seeds and to compost the mother plant.

So I make this offering through words and art as a sacred seed planted with loving intention.

My fondest wish it that it will land in you and sprout something exquisite and precious.

That you will recognize as your own creative heart.

Longing to blossom and pollinate and fruit.

So you can tend your miracles of beauty and wonder.

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