Our lives have become so safe and comfortable.

We don’t have to hunt and search for food.

Our shelters are safe and warm.

No longer do predators threaten our existence.

But the brain is programmed to search for threats and dangers,

And our media earns its bread by finding drama and threat to titillate our interest.

Our attention hasn’t been trained and rewarded for maintaining our most resourceful state.

So we scatter the precious resource of attention across the land seeking refuge.

Of course we can’t for sure know we won’t die in the next 10 minutes,

Or that our world won’t be struck to ashes in an instant of tragedy.

All that wasted energy in anticipating disaster won’t hold back the storms.

Feel how you have the power right now,

To ground your feet, hold your ground, and rise up on a declaration of intention,

To truly live this life.

Full blast.

No more hiding in the safety of contraction.

What does that feel like?

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