Research conducted by Matthew Lieberman at UCLA shows that when we name an emotion we actually diminish activity the amygdala and other parts of the limbic system, which is the part of the brain thought to be largely responsible for feelings of anxiety and other stress-related emotions.

The rub is that the body has become habituated to the chemistry and neural pathways of anxious rushing. The cortisol and adrenaline levels in the blood become a set point that the body feels is normal, and the parts of the brain that are in fight or flight feed us worry-thoughts which kicks in more stress hormones, creating an escalating spiral.

Recognizing and naming are the first steps in intervening into the habit structure.

Then we have agency to reframe and reclaim our power.

Notice how we talk about time…as having or not having enough.

What if changing that one word could turn it around energetically?

I’m OFFERING this time to Source.

Source is giving me these moments — time belongs to Source, so offering my minutes back to Source lets me relax into a deep feeling of being supported and guided.

Taking a pause to feel and slow the breath down starts to change the chemistry.

Breathing into the back body and feeling the space behind the heart invites the nervous system to settle into a slower, quieter place.

Feeling into our feet and making an intentional connection to Earth grounds the nervous system and gives us a broader context — this tiny little human on this ancient living rock hurdling through an unfathomably infinite universe can show us the insignificance of our worry-thoughts.

Feeling Source offer me these minutes inspires me to share and offer back so that together we can soften, slow down, and appreciate these gifted minutes as a sacred blessing to be savored together.

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