Rewriting the Past

This week I was coached to notice how I defend my story of “not enough” with “evidence” of past disappointments and failures and to play with rewriting my story from a filter of abundance, resilience, and triumph (thanks Leah Badertscher!!!)

I have long recognized that I have a deficiency story running, but thought it was mostly true and my relationship with it was like…yar I did suck but it made me stronger and better able to face current challenges—a history to overcome rather than look at from a different filter.

But then today I imagined a series of flies on various walls throughout my lifetime and from their perspective…

What if I actually didn’t suck as a mother?

What if realIy am intuitive?

What if it is actually easy for me to be confident and visible?

The list is quite extensive of all the ways I’ve boxed myself into a story of limitation and diminished talent and capacity.

It’s worth tuning in to those narratives that are unquestioned; those assumptions of limited talent, abundance, capacity that are driving the bus.

What stories are behind your thought curtains that could change your whole trajectory?

What could open up if you decide to rewrite the old wounds and reasons for not doing/having whatever it is you long for?

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