Rewriting the Past

The focus this month in the coaching program I subscribe to is rewriting your past.

How many habitual thoughts about the past haunt you now?

Take a pause and breathe yourself open and willing.

Take a feel for what it would be like to be cleansed of all the regrets, disappointments, guilt, shame — all the stories that keep you believing limitation and unworthiness.

We actually do have the power to rewrite the stories in a way that empowers us right now.

One of my core stories is that I was unwanted and insecure. I was lonely, isolated and watched all the popular kids with such longing and pain in my heart, constantly feeling left out and rejected.

Rewriting that story as an empowering narrative, I see that loneliness drew me to search for a bigger meaning, a Loving Connection to something that now inspires and nurtures me to an evolution that I’m sharing with others. It inspired my coach training and my continued curiosity and commitment to aligning 100% with Love and a confidence born from the deepest, most authentic Knowing.

What story could you rewrite to uncover the buried treasure of empowerment, liberation, and joy?

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