The human brain thrives on reward.




Some rewards are for the needy now — that sugary pleasure, that alcoholic release, that latest post on FB.

And then leave a residue of yuck — regret, shame, why do I always do that, why can’t I control myself.

Which lead to feeling bad and needing a reward to feel better.

Now feel these intentions with your whole being:



Clean, mindful eating.

Keeping your promises.

There is a neurochemical component to rewards — a hit of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin — that drives the brain to want and seek more.

It takes more energy and effort to practice the rewards that serve our higher intentions. We need to pause in front of that finger on the phone; the bottle of wine; that plate of nachos, that everyone else is enjoying and choose instead the rewards that last, that build our trust and confidence.

Give the brain the prompt to feel how powerful it is to hold the highest intention, be true to our best self.

And really get the brains attention — this feels SO good! Look how strong we are! Feel how great it is to let the urge ramp up and crest, and then breathe into confidence, freedom, and empowerment.

So important to reward the brain with the chemical soup of praise.

This is how we make true and lasting changes.

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