The brain hates danger, and sees the unknown as a threat.

It loves the familiar, even if our familiar is uncomfortable, even painful.

It heat-seeks on what it thinks will deliver comfort — food, tv, alcohol, nail biting, social media, self-flagellation … whatever our particular self-soothing practices are.

SO a reward system gets hard wired into our neurochemistry and nervous system.

We can intervene by setting up our own reward system.

Doing even the smallest task in service to our bigger goals is reinforced by taking a pause to generate an internal reward — acknowledge our little triumph, praise ourselves, offer gratitude — feel for the shift in neurochemistry; really get the brain to latch on to the feelings of victory and accomplishment.

Empower it even more with a physical expression — putting the hand on the heart and feel the warm radiance of praise is a wonderful anchor.

Taking it on the wild side with a victory dance.

Add a vocalization if you really want to change up the energy.

The more sensory load of victory and empowerment you add, the more the brain will want more.

And it will seek out other little opportunities to uplevel.

Small steps with big rewards paves the yellow brick road to a life of inspiration and elevation.

Think of how it will feel when you believe in yourself, in the goodness and abundance of life, and in your ability to follow through to your heart’s calling.

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