I’m not religious, but I am spiritually curious. Today is Easter and there are millions of people across the globe in a state of devotion and prayer right now so I’m opening to that, and asking to feel a connection to miracles and wonder.

I put my hands on my heart and expand my breath and awareness .

I play with words that will attune me to the state of wonder and joy:

May I open to the hymns and exaltations that are being offered to the Oneness right now.

May I feel a softening and expansion of my heart.

May all beings be elevated by the message of hope and resurrection.

May we all know our eternal Oneness and choose Peace for all beings.

I offer my presence, my heart, my Being, to expressing and serving the message of love and connection to every person on the planet.

I imagine Forgiveness washing us all clean and letting us see each other in our undefended vulnerability, our longing to love and be loved.

I imagine right now a miracle of awakening in every heart — we see our true connectedness and agree to lay down our weapons, share our abundance, and see our true nature revealed in sharing and generosity.

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