I was cruising along great on the initial inspiration that set my goal of living my life 100% and demonstrating what’s possible from alignment with Divine Presence.

And then the goal imperceptibly, subtly shifted to external results. And I was looking “out there” for validation and motivation.

I was getting more and more discouraged and all the justifications for quitting were loud and clear.

And then, by grace and surrender, I recognized where the misalignment had led me to an unwanted result.

Recalibrating to a clear intention of living 100% this instant, and this, and this, delivers the result immediately: Empowerment, creativity, Connection.

Our culture is all oriented to external results and we judge ourselves on appearances, accomplishments, toys.

External goals are great and help us share our gifts and talents with the world, but we can get discouraged by how much time it takes to see results “out there.”

The result of an internal state-related goal is instantaneous and supports the action steps needed on our journey toward the bigger expression.

The physiological shift in Presence is dramatic and feels so good!

What result would you intend for yourself today?

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