A wonderful new friend shared with me her invocation/prayer to the Divine: Show me how You speak to me; teach me how to listen.

So I took it up as a mantra for the last couple of days.

My negatively habituated brain was spinning off on its worry-stories, disappointments, and judgements when it came: This is Shakti playing with disappointment.

This is Shakti experimenting with anger, frustration, worry.

All the things.

From the perspective of the Creator experiencing all the creations with delight, curiosity, and humor it’s a wonderful exciting game.

Allowing the feelings to be felt fully without wrapping them up in stories and projections, creates a spacious honoring of this little life with all its little daily dramas.

Imagining that I honor the Divine by giving Her my being to play with, feels like rescue from the heaviness of resistance and judgements.

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