Remembering the Future

Yesterday while listening to a coaching podcast something clicked in deeper.

The coach kept saying you have to believe, that’s the work. Once you truly, deeply believe you already ARE that which you are longing for, the change will come.

All the circumstances and results you want come from believing you are the one who already is living that life.

I’d been hearing this and practicing it since I took my first coach training, but yesterday something clicked in deeper.

How does a successful, confident [artist, coach, whatever] think, feel, speak, and act?

It’s an embodied presence that affirmations alone will not attain.

It’s not even believing…it’s KNOWING from actual embodied being.

Go ahead right now and feel yourself however many timeframes forward you find that self who has already cleared all the obstacles, and is actually living the life.

It is there in reality, in truth, in you, and it is calling you through the jungle of limitations you believe in now.

You can feel it, right?

Watch how it changes your posture, your breathing, your facial expression.

Let that presence radiate out from your skin and fill the room around you.

Let it change the lens from which you filter the world.

The more you remember this future self, the more the field around you starts to magnetize the circumstances into shifting.

The rub is that the outer circumstances may not reflect the future self right away and the mind gets caught up in looking for validation outside.

The practice is to stay calm and aligned, embodying that metabeing despite what’s happening out there.

For me, it is a constant process — getting pulled back to habit nature and then remembering to align with meta-me. Again and again and again.

And then I will be a demonstration of what is possible when I am living 100% my potential.

I can honestly say that it was coach training that made me take responsibility for my state, and ongoing coaching is supporting the daily challenges that true transformation creates.

I am profoundly grateful for this work and after so many years of depression, self-hatred, and extreme anxiety, I finally actually feel I have agency over my state, and ultimately my life.

[If you are interested in coaching, PM me…it is a game changer!]

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