Today’s medicine message is receiving.

I was given this life, this day — a clean canvas and a rich palette of experiences to paint with.

May I receive it with my entire being and honor it with gratitude and appreciation.

May I remember that each interaction, conversation, email is an opportunity to choose love and compassion.

A gift of choice — who do I want to be?

A loving expression of an open heart, or a defended, suspicious contraction of fear and resentment.

May I see my responsibilities and obligations as gifts of love, more chances to choose that version of me who is a gift and blessing to life.

I get to choose over and over and over, no matter how many times I faltered and failed,

Get to choose love, forgiveness, humor.

Get to receive in the measure that I give.

May I receive this day as a Divine gift, a treasure to be enjoyed and shared.

As I let this intention breath my body to an antenna of reception, I feel a shivering of layers sloughing off.

I also notice habits of protection being triggered by the open vulnerability of receiving.

I breathe into the back of my heart and expand my lens out to the trees, the fog, the lake, the day that is waking around me.

I ask for connection to the matrix of healers, shamans, medicine people; that I may find the Tribe that holds this intention of connecting.

I ask for Earth to ground this intention and help me remember throughout the day.

May all being be blessed by this choice to receive this day with grace and humor and gratitude.

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