Years ago while watching the movie The Wolf of Wall Street on a flight to Las Vegas I was gob-smacked by how beautiful Margot Robbie is.

I’ve always been envious of and intimidated by gorgeous women. There’s a power there that magnetizes peoples’ attention. We can’t help but look at beauty and want to get closer to the glow. I wondered what it would feel like to be beautiful.

So the next morning while walking through the casino to get coffee, I pretended to be beautiful. With my whole Being. I felt elevated and open. I released the contraction of hiding my ugliness and allowed my presence to expand. I was confident and grounded and felt entitled to be there in contrast to my usual apologetic aura of shame and limitation.

The contrast was so stunning to me. I noticed everyone I looked at smiled back and each smile elevated me even more.

The feedback of consciously choosing an identity and embodying that was dramatic and powerful, and even remembering it now, years later creates a shift in Being.

So today I will pretend like children do — not conscious of pretending, but living a game of beingness fully embodied in the persona of a new perspective.

I am pretending to be … getting still and opening to a word from the Field … BRILLIANT just came … trying it on … what would it feel like to be brilliant? To have grown up knowing brilliance —answers to problems, beautiful works of art, inspired songs that can be sung out loud with people actually hearing them; a deep, abiding confidence in capability and value.

What would it feel like to recognize the Brilliance in each person I interact with today ?

Today I will take Brilliance for a drive through my life and see what shows up.

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