Practicing Fear

Yesterday in a coaching session I shared a circumstance that brings up a lot of fear.

The coach asked what’s possible when I practice fear.


She noticed that I was so afraid of feeling the fear that I was pushing it away rather than allowing it to come up.

She invited me to pretend the worst-case scenario happens.

And watch fear arise.

And feel the fear.

And breathe with it.

I felt it in my throat and belly and muscular armoring.

And then it all softened.

My mind slowed down and resistance melted away.

The sensations moved and morphed and dissipated.

And then she asked me to feel how I could be with it.

And notice that it wasn’t dangerous.

All that happened was I felt fear.

And then she invited me to see that I can do this.

Even if that worst-imaginable thing happens, I can do it.

I can feel fear and grief and all the emotions that come.

And there, in that recognition is a confidence that opens me up to a bigger life, more love, more abundance, and more connection.

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