Power and Play

All this constant work to train the mind, clean up the limiting beliefs, and stay committed and confident can start to feel pretty heavy and burdensome.

A game changer is to feel for the part of us that is still 5 years old.

That part hasn’t been totally socialized and tamed into compliance.

Feel it?

There’s a sweetness, a freshness, a curiosity and freedom.

There’s a bit of defiance and a lot of innocence and fun.

This child is such a valuable companion for the sovereign that is walking the medicine path to power.

The child can remind us to look with fresh eyes on a world that is full of beauty, delight, and adventure.

The child is willing to try and try again to ride a bike, to learn to swim, to do new and hard things without the mental narrative about failure and worthiness.

The child will scream and cry with wild abandon in the moment of injury or thwarted wants, but then leave it all without holding on to anything when a new toy, a new experience, a loving caress redirects attention.

Hand in hand our inner child and impassioned sovereign can walk the path of evolution and we can call on them as guides.

Have a decision or task that feels unresolved?

Ask the sovereign what it would do.

Then ask the child.

See what each has to say and them invite both forward to experience the unfolding of your path.

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