Planting Seeds

The metaphor of planting seeds is helping me in this stage of living a fully intentional, loving life.

Few results are showing up, but I keep making small actions and incremental shifts, and when I view them as seeds, I can be more spacious and patient.

It’s not up to me which seeds will germinate, sprout and mature, but the more seeds I plant, the better chance I have to eventually harvest the fruit.

My job is to tend the garden.

Water the seeds with patience, trust, and a truly spacious, grateful heart.

Weed out the thoughts that will suck up all the nutrients and crowd out the sunlight.

Spread the mulch of commitment and confidence around the shoots.

And fertilize with love and profound gratitude.

This metaphor opens me to the mysteries of Creation so I can stay strong in doing my part and stay out of the way as the True Creator takes care of the blossoming and fruiting.

I see that each loving thought, every helpful word, each tiny action toward the goal of full intentionality, is a seed that contains all the power of the fully-fruited tree.

What seeds will your thoughts, words, and actions plant today?

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