People will judge me

I was listening to the amazing Kara Loewentheil’s podcast yesterday about performance anxiety and how we think we’re afraid people with think we’re __________(whatever word resonates for you), but actually it’s our own thoughts that we don’t want to feel. Since we cannot actually get in someone else’s head, it’s our thoughts that they are thinking X that cause us unwanted emotions.

And she went on to say that we then try to soothe our brain by trying to convince ourselves that people aren’t judging us…but of course they are — AND THAT’S OK!!


People judge other people; that’s what the human brain does — it wants to sort and categorize so it can know how to react, and so it can feel like it’s in control.

So peeling away the layers to get to freedom looks like taking a pause (it’s always about the magical pause), acknowledging to ourselves that people will judge us.

And that has nothing to do with our emotional state.

When we calibrate to what is real and true for ourselves, and recognize that Something wants to express through us — like the beauty, the fragrance, the colors of fully blossoming flowers — we honor the unique Creative expansion that gave us this human opportunity.

Yes I’m willing to show up.

I’m willing to create and share my creative spirit.

I’m willing to allow other people their thoughts and reactions.

And I feel spacious and free in honoring my creative spirit as a gift that Source wants to share.

What’s possible when you imagine offering your art, your stories, your songs — whatever longs to be created through you — and honoring your creations by being visible, audible, expressive?

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