c. 1200, pacience, "quality of being willing to bear adversities, calm endurance of misfortune, suffering, etc.," from Old French pacience "patience; sufferance, permission" (12c.) and directly from Latin patientia "the quality of suffering or enduring; submission," also "indulgence, leniency; humility; submissiveness; submission to lust;" literally "quality of suffering.

Our wealthy lifestyle (compared to most of the rest of the world) has conditioned us to expect that life is supposed to be all good and happy and fulfilling.

When life is hard and confusing and painful we think something has gone wrong.

And then we throw up resistance, judgement, argument — lots of energy of resistance to what is.

We are in a hurry to get through it, know the outcome, move on.

Take a feel inside. Notice the tension in the jaw and shoulders, the short breath, the eyestrain — the muscular signature of unwillingness to experience THIS. The energetic signature of NO — unwilling, unwanting, pushing away.

Then open the lens of awareness and feel LIFE — the full spectrum of highs and lows, triumphs and disappointments, fears and courage — and now feel the freedom, the power the release to YES!

Nature is the exquisite beauty of a quiet sunrise AND the cataclysmic destruction of an earthquake.

She can’t be hurried. She takes whatever time it takes through the constant pulsation of emergence and destruction.

Unshakable strength and confidence come from the willingness to be with all of it.

Patient, soft, and open. Isn’t that what love is?

Right now, unspeakable suffering is happening all over our world.

And euphoric exaltation in the songs of triumph and healing.

Today I will invite patience to guide me through all the habits of resistance, rushing, 65fear, and contraction.

I will use my breath and body as a compass to show me the crumb trail that Love has left for me to follow.

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