We are oracles for each other.

When we are open for love and guidance, every interaction can be a reminder that the Divine is always communicating with us.

Being inspired by others’ grace and willingness to engage Life exactly how it is draws us through our unskillful reactive habits.

Recognizing that our words and actions influence those around us can elevate us to our highest Being.

For so long I believed that sharing my insecurities and self-judgements helped me to connect to people from a more open, honest, and vulnerable place.

Now I see those words testify to limitation and lack.

These are some powerful times; do you feel it?

We are being asked to choose love or fear, when the evidence for fear is in every headline.

We can drop down from our heads and feel Life from our hearts where Love listens and speaks.

There we recognize our connectedness, our safety, and our fulfillment.

We can remember Magic and Mystery and let ourselves open wide to the constant communications of Creation and Truth.

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