Offering my Obstacles

My daily practice of offering my day to serve a greater love, compassion and acceptance, is helping me offer my obstacles throughout the day.

When I stand, open my arms, and lift my heart as an offering to Creation, I feel that expanded release in the presence of All That Is.

Then it doesn’t feel like such a big strain to try and manage this cranky brain that wants to go trolling for all that’s wrong.

I get a physiological release, an expanded breath, a lightening of my inner body, and I know Something has received my offering and is showing me how to cocreate this day through love.

The brain is habituated to trying to think its way out of suffering, but more and more I get that it doesn’t work.

Making a physical expression of surrender and offering, turns the body into an antenna to receive and broadcast a greater presence.

And I see how constrained our cultural palette of socially acceptable expressions is…who would be willing to stand up from their chair in the middle of the office, raise their arms to the sky and offer their stress to the Divine for release and reframing….I work from home, so I can do that.

I just had a fantasy of doing it in a store. And then it felt like my attention would be directed more toward other peoples’ reactions than to my own deep authentic expression, so there wouldn’t be any true power in it.

But I can imagine doing it … even putting my hand on my heart would be acceptable.

Gonna try that and see what happens.

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